Some tips from Lazy Lizard Crafts

Store your jewellery separately, so that it doesn’t scratch other pieces. Gemstones are not all the same hardness and some gemstones can damage other softer stones.

Apply make up, hairspray and perfume, and let them dry/absorb before putting on your jewellery. Toiletries contain chemicals that can react with your jewellery. Yes, I recently had to scrub a blue line off my neck as a result of not taking my own advice!

Don’t take your jewellery for a dip – Chlorine, salt and other chemicals can also damage some stones and metals, so it’s best to remove precious jewellery before taking a dip!

Store your jewellery out of direct sunlight - The sun may fade some gemstones and speed up tarnish on metals, so it is wise to store your jewellery out of direct sunlight.

How to store Snake Chains - Snake chains are prone to kinking if they are not stored properly. They should be unfastened and coiled loosely in a flat box for storage.

To clean my jewellery, I prefer to use a soft (babies) toothbrush and mild soapy water, rinsing and drying the piece thoroughly, before buffing with a clean soft polishing cloth. If you clean your jewellery regularly, you shouldn’t need any silver polish on the cloth.

Silver dip is a speedy aid to cleaning but must be used with caution. It is useful for cleaning intricate silver pieces. However, continual use may wear the silver down. It should be applied to the object very briefly and should then be rinsed off thoroughly before buffing with a clean, soft polishing cloth.