What gives me the most pleasure in my craftwork is finding and taking raw materials: sometimes new, sometimes vintage or from dismantled items and using them to produce something that can be used and enjoyed. I am always on the lookout for ideas and make good use of my camera and mobile phone when I'm out and about, to photograph interesting shapes and textures.

About my jewellery:
I enjoy working with silver, copper and brass sheet, silver and enamelled wire, beads and polymer clay, to produce a variety of classic, contemporary and freeform pieces that are just that bit different than those you'd see on the high street.
I take my inspiration from everyday items from flowers and trees to household items and architecture. All the pieces are original, one-off works, designed and handmade by me, in Edinburgh, Scotland.

About my handbags, purses and other textile work:
My pieces are all one of a kind, handcrafted in my workshop in Edinburgh. I enjoy working with textured fabrics, boucle and tweed, as well as vintage and reworked fabric. I try to make articles that are practical, as well as beautiful to look at and touch.